Resolving Trauma - Fast

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CPD:    This course is an AASW(Australian Association of Social Workers) CPD (Continual Professional Development).

  Resolving Trauma - Fast

This two part (three day) workshop is ideal for, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, mental health workers, counsellors, therapists and indeed, anyone working with people who experience the following: PTSD, phobias or any other anxiety disorders. It provides participants with the knowledge and the skills to confidently use this  amazingly successful technique to remove post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or phobias,  often only in one session.   This technique has been used successfully over the past 10 years in the UK.  It has the advantage over other treatments because it is quick, effective, safe and easy to learn and use.  Using this technique it is possible to control the stress level of the client and there is no need to know any details.   This workshop provides practitioners with the skills to induce a relaxation trance and use visualisation and guided imagery to promote positive change in people.  These powerful skills can help to calm people down and disrupt the emotionally driven states of panic attacks, depression and anxiety disorders, as well as supporting confidence building, as part of a therapeutic intervention.   

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Workshops and Courses for Organisations


At Mindlife Balance we can facilitate and deliver a range of workshops and courses, which have been developed from the Human Givens approach. 

Courses for parents/children

  •     MB-C1: Developing Emotional Health & Parenting Skills (8 Sessions )
  •     MB-C2: Developing Emotional Resilience (8 Sessions )
  •     MB-C3: Developing Social & Emotional Skills for children (7 to 11) (8 Sessions)
  •     MB-C4: Developing Social & Emotional Skills for Young People (12 to 16) (8 Sessions)

Workshops for Staff

  •       W1-EP:   Enabling Parents (2.5 hours)
  •       W2-CS:  Coping Strategies for Change (2.5 hours)
  •       W3-MC: Managing Conflict(2.5hours)
  •       W4-EC:  Effective Counselling (6.5 hours, over one day)
  •       W5-RT:  Resolving Trauma - Fast (Part 1)  (12 hours, over two days + homework)
  •       W6-RT:  Resolving Trauma- (Part 2) (6 hours)*
 *Attending this workshop is dependent on having already attended Part 1.

Please note these time plans for courses or workshops can be adapted to suit the individual needs of organisations.  Workshops and Course prices on application (competitively priced for NFP organisations).  Please contact us if you require training that is not listed here as we may be able  to assist. 

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